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Rhodie53's Reviews

  • Review: 3-D Dots - Adhesive Foam Discs - White - 1/16" Thick

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    I recommend this product

    3-D Dots (05 April 2011)

    I love using dots to add demention and style to my layouts.

  • Review: Herma Vario Tab Dispenser - Purple

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    Herma Vario Tab Dispenser (06 March 2011)

    I love this dispenser and have refill on hand because I use this adhevsive on all my projects. The store I purchased my last dispenser from no longer sell the dispenser. That is how much I appreciate being able to mail order.

  • Review: Sandylion - Disney Collection - 12 inch x 12 inch Mega Paper Pad

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    Sandylion Disney Collection (15 April 2010)

    It was go great to find these paper pad of Disney Characters that you can not find else where.

    I have already decided how to these papers to create books for our little nice that is almost 2 years of ago.

    Perfect papers!!!!