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Pegasus09's Reviews

  • Review: Tattered Angels - Glimmer Mist Spray - Limited Edition - 2 Ounce Bottle - Caramel Apple

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    Love the glimmer effect, hate when it leaves large spots! (11 July 2010)

    This past week I bought this and the pearl. The look is really nice the problem I find is when you get some larger spots that spray out... is there a secret to avoiding these large spots?

  • Review: Provo Craft - Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter

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    Great little machine but here is what I don't like... (11 July 2010)

    I got this regular cricut for christmas. I do love this little machine! The things I don't like are that the only quarter size you can do is 1 1/4, then it jumps to every half inch... I really really wish it had more quarter size options...I also find brand new cutting mats super sticky and sometimes rip paper. Also you kind of have to play around because sometimes while its cutting the paper rips. I try to use my cutting mats as long as possible I clean the mat and mix "tack it over and over" with some water and brush it on and let it dry, it gets super sticky also so I tap my hands over it a few times. This method works well to further the life of the mat but once it gets too cut up you'll run into problems with cutting paper. If you have the money for an expression buy that, I thought I wouldn't use anything bigger that 5.5 inches, but at valentines day I wanted to cut my own window decorations, and 5.5 wasn't big enough for what I wanted to do. The expression is too much money for me but maybe one day...

  • Review: Ranger Ink - Tim Holtz - Distress Crackle Paint - Broken China

    Verified Buyer
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    Love the look but.. (26 March 2010)

    I was happy with the look but it chipped a bit on my paper, so any ideas how to keep it from doing so please let me know, I also really like the rock candy one as well.

  • Review: Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads - Dried Marigold

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    I recommend this product

    Another great ink color (26 March 2010)

    I used this to create a sunset background with the broken china and it looked great.

  • Review: Ranger Ink - Tim Holtz - Distress Crackle Paint - Clear Rock Candy

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    Love it (07 February 2010)

    I came across this product a few days ago and thought humm this could be interesting, I've so far only used it twice but love it! I'll be using it more! Look forward to buying other colors sometime as well!