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Vivian Loves BLING's Reviews

  • Review: Provo Craft - Cricut - 12 x 12 Cutting Mats

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    Get Extras! (08 July 2009)

    I have 3 dedicated mats. One for black cardstock, one for white and one for brown. I use these alot on my layouts. Black and brown make great shadows/mats. I like having those onto one mat so I can use up a whole sheet before removing it.

    I also like to have at least 2 "spare" mats for my current project. So get extras! :D Make scrapping so much easier. :D

  • Review: Provo Craft - Cricut Jukebox

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    I recommend this product

    Fantastic Accessory! (08 July 2009)

    I got 3 of these chained off of my Expression. No more swapping out cartridges, opening up boxes, just press a button. Great for traveling. I numbered my buttons 1-6 and put a label on the top cover of what cartridges go to each button. :)

  • Review: Provo Craft - Cricut Expression - 24 Inch Electronic Cutter

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    I recommend this product

    So Impressed! (08 July 2009)

    Love the size that it takes a full 12x12 sheet. Love the shadow feature of most cartridges. I've been having so much fun with all the features like "Center Point" where I can cut circles of various sizes all with the same center point! Then there's the "fit to size" where I can cut something to the exact length I want it. Great machine!

  • Review: Zva Creative - Self-Adhesive Crystals - Fountain Flourish - Rosy Pink, CLEARANCE

    I recommend this product

    It's Bling (30 May 2009)

    Works great! Looks great! Need I say more? lol

  • Review: Provo Craft - Cuttlebug - Die Cut Set - 4 Die Cuts - Square Frames, CLEARANCE

    I recommend this product

    Hip to be square (30 May 2009)

    Love using them! Reminds me of the "Mission: Organization" show and how they do their title screen. lol.

  • Review: Ranger Ink - Stickles Glitter Glue - Platinum

    I recommend this product

    Gorgeous (14 May 2009)

    I of course love all Stickles!

  • Review: Marvy Uchida - Clever Lever Craft Punch - Giga - Square

    Verified Buyer
    I don't recommend this product

    True 2x2 Inches? (25 April 2009)

    Maybe my area got a bad bunch of these but they punch out a little larger than 2 inches square. I was hoping to cover a 12x12 entirely with 2x2 photos and pp and journaling. Punched everything out and it didn't fit to the page. :( I had to go back and trim off a little on EVERY square.

    I'll still use it as a matting maybe for when I get a true 2x2 punch.

  • Review: E-Cuts (Download and Print) Cutie Pie

    I recommend this product

    Just print them out! (19 January 2009)

    I love E-Cuts but forget to use them. So I'm gonna print these out and have them on hand to use right away. :D

    These are also great to fade them out some (make lighter) and print them onto vellum. : D

  • Review: Stickles Starter Pack

    I recommend this product

    Faint (24 October 2008)

    This is a great price!!! I'll be ordering soon!

  • Review: Across The Street - Lazy Scrapper Organizer - Blue and Brown, CLEARANCE

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    I recommend this product

    Fantastic product (23 May 2008)

    Now I have all my most used tools in it, including my ATG gun and smaller rotary trimmer. This makes the transition from to away crops and back again so easy. I don't forget things as much. Love the smaller size. I've seen bigger one used but it's just too much, too much stuff loaded in it, too heavy and takes up more room. This though is just PERFECT and still has room for more stuff!!! Love the rotary (lazy susan) base!

  • Review: MiMi Essential Tool Tote - Pink

    I recommend this product

    I have this but in taupe (14 May 2008)

    Love it. I keep things in for my away crops. Has room for many of my tools and templates.

  • Review: Provo Craft - Cuttlebug - Die Cut Set - 4 Die Cuts - Vintage

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    I recommend this product

    Love these (03 May 2008)

    I love die cuts anyway and these are so cute! I especially like xyroning the backs of the paper BEFORE using the dies then AFTER adhering them, I'd place glitter glue on top.

  • Review: Provo Craft - Cuttlebug - Die Cut Set - 2 Die Cuts - Floral Borders, CLEARANCE

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    I recommend this product

    Fun, fun, fun (17 April 2008)

    Love these dies!! Used them in several layouts.

  • Review: Scotch ATG 714 - Adhesive Applicator Gun - Uses One Fourth Inch Adhesive (Purchase Separately)

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    Anyone know where I can find a holster (06 March 2008)

    I love this gun! Been looking for a holster so I can strap this on. :LOL: It's actually cheaper than anything else that I've found and far better than anything else I've used so far, too.

  • Review: Die Cuts with a View - The Far East Stack - 12x12 Paper Stack

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    Finally Asian Paper that's not over done (06 March 2008)

    Most Asian themed papers are so over done with designs and colors they make my head swim. But NOT this stack. It's perfect. Easy to work with, too. Just the right touch.

  • Review: Die Cuts with a View - Once Upon a Time Glitter Stack - 8x8

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    Perfect paper for a fairy tale book (06 March 2008)

    I made my baby sister a gift album using pretty much this stack with a bit of DCWV Far East papers to tell her life story. This is the woman who literally has everything from $2000 purses, to her Beamer to God only know how many designer jeans and black shoes (all high end brands). I've never been able to buy anything that really thrilled her. She's always been gracious but not thrilled.

    She literally had to put the book down to keep from crying. She loved it!!!

    I let the papers do their thing. Printed onto vellum to tell her story. Added some bling but otherwise kept everything very simple.