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    Just what I needed!! (16 November 2010)

    I think the embossing folder is really pretty on paper The Fonts on the greetings are really easy to work with and are fun. The only thing is the dots for the i's are so small they are easy to lose! The embossing folder can be used for spring, mothers day,sister's card and girlfriends they are great.

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    Nice Depth for ink!! (16 November 2010)

    I used both of these embossing folders to make Halloween cards. The print has so many nooks and crannies the ink made the embossing stick out with so much depth. It was great to give a 3 dimensional look to the cards.I loved it

  • Confused (28 September 2010)

    I was also bitten by the bug but I have a sting of confusion lingering with me. Over The weekend I adopted some Mini Monsters ,these little guys are so cute and adorable but are a menace to create. They are very colorful and sweet in there little booklet but when animating them some of the phases needed to complete them are unavailable on the cartridge. A picture is worth a 1,000 words but poor instructions and insuficient tools to bring these little guys to life is a real downer