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    Love, love, love this Signo Broad Pen! (24 March 2013)

    Note that even though I probably ordered a "Signo Impact", when it arrived, it was a "Signo Broad"...but no matter; I love this pen! When first using it for the day, definitely get it started w/a couple loops on scrap paper or you might have to go back over your first stroke, but after that, it writes and draws in thick, solid lines, even on the darkest CS, w/o skipping. I like it so much, I have ordered all the other colors I could find from another retailer (too bad doesn't carry them!). GREAT JOB, SIGNO!

  • Verified Buyer

    Glad I bought on clearance, at least... (24 March 2013)

    I bought this so I could go through all my personal journals, find the stories about my family, then re-write them to store on a bookshelf in the living room for them to read + me to include in scrapbooks. The color is pretty, but the fabric is *very* thin, much thinner than I expected considering what the retail price is, and has an air bubble on top of the case. Also, there are just a handful of journaling sheets in each binder -- really, not even enough to fill one binder. How expensive is filler paper?!?! Unfortunately, even though I looked for that information everywhere *before* I made the purchase, it was nowhere to be found, so I gambled -- and lost. In order to find out how many sheets were in each binder, I took the shrink wrap off, so I could not return it. It will still look nice on the shelf in our living room, but it won't be too long before I'll have to buy more filler sheets from Day-Timer (expensive for paper) or make my own (I used to use this size planner, so I think I still have the proper 3-hole punch). Save yourself some money by altering used cardboard storage binders from Day-Timers, Franklin-Covey, Day-Runner, etc., instead.

  • More Power to Your Cricut! :) (13 December 2011)

    I love-love-love my CDS software! It is great to be able to weld different letters and objects together, even from different carts, change the angles, stretch them...I like being able to preview carts that I don't already have, even play around w/their characters on-screen...the cute mousepad and official Cricut USB cord are nice-to-haves, not need-to-haves, but very fun!

    My only complaint about it is that it takes a long time to load each time you open the program, because it loads *every* cart Cricut makes. It would be nice if they would create a "fast-boot" option that only loads the carts you own. Thus, 4 stars instead of 5.

    **UPDATE**: With the latest update to the software, the program does not take nearly as long to load -- so I boosted it up to 5 stars!