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LoisWild's Reviews

  • Review: Cropper Hopper 12 x 12 Dividers

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    they save places (28 October 2012)

    I love these. I put them "right to work" within my sorting frenzy. They also hold "a place" when I have to leave a project. I bought 2 sets and will undoubtedly go back for more!

  • Review: Prima - Special Edition - Apothecary Glass Jars of Mulberry Flowers in a Tray

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    Mulberry flowers (16 December 2011)

    These are very pretty. I like that the colored tiny flowers fit into any of the larger flowers AND you don't need any thing else(button,etc.). The large flowers are pretty similar that's why a 4 instead of a 5

  • Review: Sassafras Lass - Indie Girl Collection - Glittered Cardstock Stickers - Alphabet - Pink

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    I recommend this product

    Scrapping Grandma...Excellent product. have reordered (15 December 2011)

    I have re-ordered all of this product letters. They "stick" which is important to me and they are just the right size to fit the page or card. Love them! Also, they have several letters that are the same, not just 2 or 3. The sheet can be used several times. Try them and see!

    Scrapping grandma

  • Review: E-Cuts (Download and Print) If Friends Were Flowers

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    I recommend this product

    E-Cuts and me! (09 May 2010)

    Hi, the pattern and colors are exactly what is pictured. Quite pretty. I just can't get used to down loading and having to cut it out myself. I have downloaded a couple and are just beautiful. "trying to teach an old horse some new tricks!" I will be more comfortable when I have done a few.