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Paper_paper's Reviews

  • Review: Authentique Paper - Blissful Collection - Cardstock Stickers - Diction

    I recommend this product

    So much use with these words! (20 July 2011)

    I love using these words! There are so many on here you can use them for so many purposes - I used them in a mini album and on a layout and still have tons left over - It's too bad that Scrapbook.com won't be carrying Authentique anymore because their stuff is awesome! But there are still plenty of other retailers that have it - enjoy! :)

  • Review: Authentique Paper - Blissful Collection - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Happiness

    I recommend this product

    The Colors and Paper Quality are amazing (16 July 2011)

    The paper quality is amazing! It feels like watercolor paper - Nice heavy cardstock!