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    Cute stickers (17 December 2012)

    Very cute stickers to match the papers. I just love them.

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    So cute! (17 December 2012)

    Very cute papers for a little boy's layout.

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    Awesome (17 December 2012)

    Awesome papers for a little boy.

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    Soo cute! (17 December 2012)

    Adorable little stickers that are part of the collection, they are very, very cute!

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    Expecting Stickers (17 December 2012)

    So adorable!!!!

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    So cute (17 December 2012)

    Very cute papers. Darling collection for expecting mothers.

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    Very cute papers (17 December 2012)

    This papers are soooo cute. any expecting mother to be would love to do a layout with this papers.

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    Petaloo Chantilly (30 August 2012)


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    Petaloo Flora Doodles (30 August 2012)

    Amazingly beautiful flowers, I cannot get over how beautiful they are.

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    After Five Collection (30 August 2012)

    A must for anyone who is making a Wedding LO or Scrapbook.

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    Petaloo Canterbury (30 August 2012)

    Beuatifully done amazing colors.

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    Lost and Found 2 (30 August 2012)

    Incredible gorgeous papers.

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    Lost and Found 2 (30 August 2012)

    Incredible awesome papers, gorgeous.

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    Woof Collection (30 August 2012)

    Oh my God, it is sooooo cute. the papers are all so very cute and adorable. I made a very special Scrapbook for my little Pomeranian Bo.

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    Prima Pearls & Crystals (30 August 2012)

    I have bought this several times. I cannot get over how beautiful they are. The color is amazing.

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    Acrylic Stsmps (30 August 2012)

    I can't wait to use this stamps. They are awesome.

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    Halloween (30 August 2012)

    this paper is beautiful, the tones of green and the very faint design on it make it very special for a wonderful effect on a Halloween LO.

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    Spook Collection (30 August 2012)

    Papers are very cute and perfect for a childrens Halloween LO. Both sides are very cute.

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    Halloween Paper (30 August 2012)

    The colors on this paper are wonderful, very vivid and bright.

  • Chantilly Flowers (31 May 2012)

    I could not believe my eyes how beautiful these flowers look in you rhand. They have the most amazing colors. they will bring your layouts to life. Beautiful.

  • Chalk Fluid (31 May 2012)

    The perfect color. It is so easy to use. Great little edger.

  • Colors (31 May 2012)

    An amzing collection of papers. Perfect for a very specila layout.

  • Key Largo Page (31 May 2012)

    We used the Wood embellishments - Branch for a page I did for a photo of Key Largo. They gave the page authenticity and dimension. It was the finishing touch to a wonderful layout.

  • Delicate and beautiful (31 May 2012)

    Again the Pearls Collection of Jewel Art-Bling is gorgeous. This one is so delicate and sweet. It will bring a soft and beautiful accent to your page.

  • Gorgeous (31 May 2012)

    This set of Pearls and crystals swirl is gorgeous. It would make any page including my page look awesome. It would be the perfect addition to any page.

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    Wedding Page (22 May 2012)

    This paper from My Mind's Eye Lost and Found Collection is unbelievable. It is so beautiful. It will make any page you make look gorgeous.

  • Sweet Colors (22 May 2012)

    Awesome paper collection. the colors and designs of the papers are perfect for Beach Layouts. they remind you of a beautiful sunset. they were perfect for my pages of Key Largo, Florida.

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    Stickers (22 May 2012)

    The set of stickers come in a variation of colors. They are perfect to compliment any page.

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    Baptism Paper (22 May 2012)

    Another set of papers used for a Baptism page. The layout of the paper is very sweet and soft enough to create a perfect background for a wonderful page.

  • Baptism (22 May 2012)

    This Baptism paper is so beautiful. the combination of colors and the design are just wonderful.

  • Bath Time (04 May 2012)

    It is cute, but I found the colors a little muted.

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    Cute (04 May 2012)

    Very, very cute page. it even looks cuter in person.

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    Baby Scrapbook (04 May 2012)

    It is so sweet. I just love it and found it to be sooo cute! I made two sweet pages for a Baby boy Scrapbook I am working on.

  • Beautiful (04 May 2012)

    I could not believe how beautiful this ribbon is. I am going to use for my Son's Wedding Scrapbook. My daughter-In-Law and I saw it in your website and fell in love with it. It is gorgeous. I am sure it will be a gorgeous page when we finish it.

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    Awesome Tool (21 March 2012)

    this is exactly the kind of tool we all needed. It is amazing and it is all in one. can you ask for more.

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    Gorgeous Papers (07 March 2012)

    the K and Company Awning Collection is wonderful. The papers are beautiful. They are gorgeous. I have already starting using them in my scrapbooking for my family. I love them.

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    Awesome (20 June 2011)

    I received the Sew Easy - Stitch Piercer Tool and tried immediately. I love it. It is so easy to use and so versatile. It makes it very easy to add beautiful details to my pages. It is an awesome tool.