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Valmal's Reviews

  • Review: Tattered Angels - Glimmer Glaze - Sugar Cane, CLEARANCE

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    Glimmer Glaze excellent for polymer clay and metal items (17 December 2010)

    The Glimmer Glaze is even better than Glimmer Glam for building up layers of complementary colors over baked polymer clay or painted metal items which gives depth and shine to the item it is applied on. It dries quickly and brushes are easy to clean, if used. I wish I would have discovered this product years ago (if it were made then) because it has given some of my sculpted objects a very colorful boost--the mushrooms and leaves. I am still experimenting with new applications of this product.

  • Review: Tattered Angels - Glimmer Glam - Be Positive, CLEARANCE

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    Glimmer Glam great for polymer clay (17 December 2010)

    Have been using the Glimmer Glam products/colors for application over baked polymer clay, which has the effect of deepening the color of the clay and giving it a "buried in" sparkle and depth. Also use it over white or beige baked polymer clay to give subtle color. I like the results more than using Pearlex powders or other paint. It dries quickly, also, which is a plus. More than one coat gives added depth and effect. Have also used over metal which has been painted to complement the base color of the paint, with same great results.

  • Review: Smooch - Pearlized Accent Ink - Gold Lame

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    Smooch ink (21 October 2010)

    I like the metallic ink for use in accenting floral pieces I use in my sculpting (the centers of flowers). It adds a great highlight and draws attention where I want it.

  • Review: Creative Impressions - Brads - Oak Leaf - Antique

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    Miniature oak leaves good for art projects (21 October 2010)

    These leaves, along with the maple leaves, both metallic and colored (painted) are of a perfect size for what I am using them for, which is not scrapbooking, but as decorations to my sculpted pieces or their bases. They take glue well and some glazes, for glitter or just enhancing their base colors.