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PRShari's Reviews

  • Review: K and Company - SMASH Collection - Journal Book - Doodle Style Folio

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    I recommend this product

    SMASH Book Doodle Style (12 July 2011)

    Love this idea, the design and the felt tip pen and glue stick; however, getting the pen in and out of that elastic holder is kinda hokey--the clip gets in the way putting it back in and the glue stick lid gets in the way taking it out! Looking forward to being able to buy colors in the replacement pen glue stick.

  • Review: K and Company - SMASH Collection - Decorative Tape - Black Dots

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    Dots Decorative Tape-SMASH Book (12 July 2011)

    Adorable idea and good stikum, but I don't like that I have to use scissors to cut this stuff! I'd rather have it more paper-y and therefore more rippable, than to have to dig for my scissors and balance everything to cut the tape and move it to the site of sticking, while on the go!

  • Review: K and Company - SMASH Collection - Stickies - Red and Blue Stickers

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    I recommend this product

    Stickies SMASH Book (12 July 2011)

    Cute idea and messages! They got it right with the post-it type stickum already on them; however, the stickum is vertical to the left half--doesn't give enough surface area to stick my realia down! Stickum should be horizontal, to the center third of the stickie, and transverse the entire length of the stickie. That way I can use it to stick my stuff in with. Didn't like the loose edge sticking up, either. I thought it would work itself loose and fall off--I used my glue stick to glue it down completely.

  • Review: K and Company - SMASH Collection - Page Tabs - Paper

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    I recommend this product

    Page Tabs SMASH (12 July 2011)

    Sturdy enough and the right size to hold up to use; however, the glue stick doesn't work on its own to hold 'em til they dry. Put weight on 'em and wait to use your book!

  • Review: K and Company - SMASH Collection - Paper Clips - Flag

    Verified Buyer
    I don't recommend this product

    SMASH Paper Clips w/Flags (06 July 2011)

    Make it homemade. It was surprising that the flags weren't sticky on one side already, that I had to use my glue stick to stick 'em together--the surface area to glue is very narrow! But the worst part was, when I wrote on the flag with my SMASH book felt marker, the ink smeared! The flags have a slick surface that doesn't absorb the ink. Unacceptable. The only reason I gave it more than one star is because it was a cute idea with cute colors and I felt obligated before I scraplifted it. Otherwise I can get the same effect with cutting a Post-It note to size using a variety of available colors that are on the market now.