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Rira1027's Reviews

  • Review: EK Success - Jolee's Boutique - 3 Dimensional Stickers - Bowling

    I recommend this product

    EK Success 3D bowling stickers (02 April 2011)

    Complemented the Reminisce Bowling 12x12 paper, and the pictures of a bowling birthday party for my twin granddaughters. Did a neat layout.

  • Review: Reminisce - Bowling Collection - 12x12 Double Sided Paper - Bowling

    I recommend this product

    Bowling Collection 12x12 paper by Reminisce (02 April 2011)

    Am doing scrapbooks for my twin granddaughters' high school gradutaion. One of their birthdays was a bowling party, and this paper fits the occasion so well.

  • Review: Karen Foster Design - Auto Mechanic Collection - 12 x 12 Paper - Auto Mechanic Tools

    I recommend this product

    karent Foster 12x12 Auto Mechanic Tools paper (02 April 2011)

    Went really well with the pictures of a restored 1962 MG, bright red. The black paper with the grey tools complemented the layout.

  • Review: Karen Foster Design - Auto Mechanic Collection - Stickers - Auto Mechanic

    I recommend this product

    Auto Mechanic Sticker Collection - Karen Foster (02 April 2011)

    My husband is an auto mechanic, and has just completed putting together 1 really nice 1962 MG from 2 old cars - the good one became the remake, and the battered was a parts car. I took pictures from start to finish and scrapbooked the journey for him. These stickers fit the bill in embellishing the pages.