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    Old rub-ons don't work well! (24 May 2016)

    I should have done my homework B4 ordering!
    When purchasing rub-ons, try to find out how OLD they are FIRST!.

    Sadly, AFTER I received them (and they would NOT rub off) I found
    that these first came available in 2011!! I saw several l/o's using
    this product that dated back that far.

    Old rub-ons get 'stuck' onto the plastic & refuse to "rub" off : (

    Thankfully made it right for me, but I am soo disappointed;
    as I fell in love with style~
    Thanks for listening.
    Karen O

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    Love this die (16 June 2014)

    Great to have 4 dif. sizes of stars in one die!
    Nice cuts every time~

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    Love the beads! but not the bottle (21 April 2014)

    I did Not purchase these here @; but locally.
    I did not notice in the store that the vials - (the bottles are REAL glass) were broken! They come packaged in a small box.
    When I got home it was a mess to sift and separate the beads
    from broken glass. (the store was too far away to make it worth my while to return them~)
    I love the beads! AND Love the idea of the glass bottles; but! The glass is very thin and broke into very fine pieces.

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    The size chart lists the wrong dimentions! (23 September 2013)

    Reading thru many of the reviews here - it seems buyers have not tried making several different sizes of envelopes; or I believe their review would read differently!!:)

    The charts on the board itself gives some WRONG info about what size your paper needs to be on several of the env. dimensions. *sigh*
    Another 'con' is that it does not hold larger pcs. of paper well and it is hard to find & use the score line w/ larger pcs; as they 'fall off' the board & you have to compensate...

    My recommendation if you have this board? Use plain white paper and experiment first! I have wasted several pcs. of 'pretty paper' that turn out the 'wrong size'!
    Wish their Q.C. dept. would have checked EVERY dimension BEFORE production!
    The idea itself is brilliant I think; but having so many wrong dimensions has made me disappointed in WRMK!
    PS~ **Some of the dimensions ARE Correct!, esp. on the smaller env's. ~ and it is pretty cool not to have to use env. 'templates' anymore ; )

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    Nice mix of brads from Basic Grey Serenade (22 January 2013)

    As expected, good quality and variety from Basic Grey's Serenade collection. Using some on a mini album project right now! ~
    The one's w/'tags' behind do come apart and you can use the tag or brad alone.

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    Very cool cardstock stickers from Basic Grey Serenade Collection (22 January 2013)

    I like these very much and plan to use them soon! ~ Very pretty and good quality as expected~

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    Beautiful mix of stickers from Basic Grey - Serenade (22 January 2013)

    Just what I expected.
    Love the look of these and hope to use them on some cards and projects soon!~

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    Very cool kit!~ (22 January 2013)

    I checked the size B4 purchasing so no surprises!
    I used this to hold some special family photo's (which I attached to some of the journal cards provided) The black metal tray itself could have been a little heavier for me, but it's sturdy enough for sure.
    THE CLIPS are TIGHT! and can bend your ppr or photo's if you're not careful:j But I LOVE this kit and it came with some very cool
    ppr and cards, stickers.. I think it's a very good deal.

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    Well made - High Quality Binder (24 May 2012)

    Sturdy and strong. Easily altered and versatile.
    Loved it! and will use one again I'm sure~
    The extra 6 pk of chipboard "tabs" could be made into an album of their own! Highly recommend!

  • Album strap is so versatile (19 October 2011)

    With a little imagination there's no telling what you can do with this product! Great for a strap to close a mini purse album or journal. My only regret was that it wasn't longer, yet, with the same thickness and width, you could use your own 'longer' piece of leather!