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AFScrapperMom's Reviews

  • Review: Creative Imaginations - Love Struck by Marah Johnson - Tattoo Collection - Transparency - Muse

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    I recommend this product

    Follow Your Muse (12 October 2007)

    Can I say wow about this Transparanciy. I bought it on a whim, with no clue when or how I would use it, and than I found an old picture of my son, done in black and white. that picture, this tranparancy and 2 black brads (in case I want to get at the pictutre again, Creatived a layout that is in my top 5 favorites I've done, and I'm thinking about framing it for the wall. Looks are deceiving on this product, becuase the right picture makes it AWESOME>

  • Review: Plaid Enterprises - Mod Podge - Matte - 16 oz

    I recommend this product

    Gotta have the Podge (25 September 2007)

    I discovered ModPodge last year and it is the perfect finish to any project you are altering. Once your project/altered item is finished and dry, apply a thin coat of Modge Podge with a foam brush, you get a unique shine type appearance and your altered item is protected. Applying it with the brush allows you to coat those areas with raised emblishments etc to ensure your project is 100% protected, I used an entire jar last XMAS making altered lunch tins!

  • Review: Heidi Swapp - Chipboard - Ornaments - Clocks - Brown

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    Clockwork (25 September 2007)

    I love thise chipboard clocks, they are amazing to use on any project because they instantly relay a sense of time, time lost, time gained, time wasted, time well spent. They add a classy touch to any project and really help you send the message you want without a word being needed

  • Review: Heidi Swapp - Clear Stamps - Emotion Corners, CLEARANCE

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    Multipurpose stamps (25 September 2007)

    These HS Corner stamps are awesome, you can use the Emotions one on almost any page or card. They fit nicely around any size picture and make a great emblishment, or they stand alone on a page or card corner. You'll be amazed with how many ways you can use them.