The Tour
By the Staff


Welcome aboard the "virtual" tour bus. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your tour through the Neighborhood: The Center of the Scrapbooking World!

1. Home
2. Community Center
3. Layout Gallery
4. Library
5. Superstore
6. News Stand
7. University
8. My Place
9. About Us (Offices)

Before we take the tour, let's make sure you're ready. It's important that you have registered for a username and password established in order to fully participate here at When you're logged in, you to be able to post comments in the Forums, upload your own layouts to the Layout Gallery, and share your poems, tips, and more in the Library. If you do not currently have a username and password, click here to sign up.

Special Note:

Your subscription to the Newsletter and your username are separate. You may have subscribed to the Newsletter and not have a Neighborhood username or vice versa. We'll be discussing the Newsletter later in the tour, but it's important to note the difference and it's essential that you sign up for Neighborhood Login now if you wish to continue on the tour in full fashion. If you have not created your Neighborhood Login yet, click here to register.


Welcome to the Homepage! From this screen, you can navigate to the various areas of the Neighborhood. The Homepage may change from time to time as we add new features and options to the site.

Click here to set as your personal homepage! is now the Center of Your Scrapbooking World, too!


On your far left, you'll notice the world-famous Forums. Here, scrapbookers from around the globe share ideas, information, stories, laughs, and more. The Community Forums are message boards for scrapbookers and paper crafters, separated into several distinct topic areas: General Scrapbooking, Tips, Tricks & Techniques, Computer Scrapbooking, NSBR (non-scrapbook related), Games, Photography, Contests, Swaps and more!

Helpful Definitions:

  • Post - A post is a virtual message put up on a bulletin board or forum. One or more posts make up a thread.

  • Topic (or thread)- One or more posts put up as a virtual conversation on any given topic; A list of continuous postings that are generally comprised of a common topic.

  • Avatar - An image of a person, object, animal, place, caricatures, cartoon, etc. uploaded to represent the "virtual you". Resides under your Login name and is shown on every post you make. An avatar can be a picture of you, it can "say" something about you or just be something fun. Here's a sample avatar:

  • Graemlins - A graphic or series of keyboard symbols meant to convey or represent a facial expression, mood, or emotion; also known as an Emoticon. Here are a few sample Graemlins:

Key Features of the Forums:

  • Communicate with other scrapbookers from around the globe
  • Share ideas and tips with others
  • Play games in the "Games" area
  • Participate in Swaps
  • Search through thousands of past posts for information, tips and tricks, products, techniques, and more
  • Choose your own signature line to identify yourself (a phrase that will show up beneath each of your posts)

Layout Gallery

Look out the front of the bus and you'll see the beautiful Layout Gallery. The Layout Gallery allows scrapbookers from around the world to showcase their layouts, cards, and photos. Come browse through thousands of creative scrapbooking layouts and photos organized by themes and members. You can even see what materials were used, add your own comments, and ask questions about any given layout you find. You can also share your own layouts here.

Key Features of the Layout Gallery:

  • "My Gallery": Your own personal section of the Layout Gallery where you can upload your layouts.
  • "Album Admin": Create virtual albums where you can store your layouts and photos by theme, category or any other method you wish.
  • "My Favorites": As you browse the Gallery, save your favorite layouts to "your favorites." Go back later for quick access and inspiration.
  • Upload Photos/Layouts to the gallery. When you upload your photos, you can type a description of your layout, list the products you've used to create your layout, select a title for your image, and chose a category for your image.
  • Once your image has been uploaded, other users can post their comments and questions about your layouts. Their comments will show up below your layout. This provides a great opportunity to learn from other scrapbookers and to share your own techniques.
  • Receive Email Updates when users posts comments on your layouts.
  • Email galleries to your friends. At the bottom of each gallery you'll notice a place to email a gallery to your friends and family.
  • Send individual layouts as "E-Cards" with your own messages to your friends.
  • Enter monthly Layout Contests with great opportunity for gift certificates, products, supplies, and other prizes.

When you participate in the Layout Gallery, make sure to follow the Rules.

Some of the FAQ's for the gallery are as follows:

1. What kind of image formats can I upload?


2. How big can the image be?

The limit for uploaded files is 350k

3. I'm scared that other users aren't going to like my layouts and they are going to post negative comments. Should I still upload my layouts?

Yes! The neighbors are kind and encouraging. The great majority of comments shared about layouts are positive. We monitor the layout gallery and delete comments that are blatantly rude or offensive.


Now that you've experienced the Community Center and Layout Gallery, let's visit the Library (formerly the "Resource Center"). The Library is one of the most innovative scrapbooking resources available today. Unlike other scrapbooking sites, the Library is interactive. Not only can you read and learn here, but you can also share your own ideas and resources with others and teach scrapbookers the techniques that have helped you!

Let's start our visit by browsing through the some of the areas of the Library:

As a Neighbor and with a username and passwords, you can share your own Poems, Tips, Quotes, Titles and Phrases.

Each resource that you share in the Library will also get added to your own personal library. Each contribution will also increase your post count, which helps you attain a higher title in the community.

Remember these guidelines when posting resources to the Library:

  • Do not take others' works and claim them as your own.
  • Always give credit to your sources.
  • Make sure to proof-read your resources to make sure that they are cohesive and that they make sense.
  • Choose appropriate categories.
  • When sharing poems or quotes, make sure to run a quick search to make sure that another Neighbor hasn't already shared that poem or quote.



We are now entering a very exciting part of our tour. We'd like to invite you to tighten your seatbelts! As we pass through the Superstore, you may be tempted to jump out of the tour bus and go running through the Superstore! If you just can't seem to keep your arms inside this moving vehicle, feel free to jump out, visit the Superstore (click here to check it out), and come right back to the tour. We'll be right here when you come back.

The Superstore is the premier online store for scrapbooking supplies. Enjoy thousands of quality products, quick shipping, 5-Star service and 100% secure shopping. Consider your personal one-stop-shop for the best scrapbooking products in the world.

Just a few Superstore features:

  • Try the amazing new FIND IT FAST tool. It searches for your supplies while you type!
  • Clearance Rack with hundreds of products (save up to 60%)
  • Thousands of items on sale every day
  • Hundreds of New Products added every week
  • Take a look at What's Hot in the industry
  • Huge Daily Sales announced in the Sale Bin. Save big on brand names every day
  • Browse by Brand
  • Browse by Theme
  • Browse by Category
  • Search for the items you want
  • Add multiple items to your cart at once
  • Create a wishlist for products you want in the store--you can even send your wishlist on to your family and friends who might need help before your birthday, anniversary, or whatever special occasion might be on the horizon
  • Get printable scrapbooking supplies for as little as $0.99
  • Enjoy 5-Star Customer Service
  • Shop over 6,000 products
  • Enjoy a safe shopping environment. is 100% secure (128 bit SSL)
  • Quick shipping to countries all over the world
  • Careful packaging and boxing to ensure safe transport of your supplies
  • The utmost in customer care and satisfaction
  • View the Superstore's Frequently Asked Questions.

Special Note About the Superstore:

The Superstore has been voted as a finalist several consecutive years for best online store and best scrapbooking site by Creating Keepsakes Magazine readers. has become the premier online destination for scrapbooking supplies. If you need help shopping or if you have a question, our staff is always here to help you get what you need! Please go to to submit a question or comment.

News Stand

Come check out breaking news at the Newstand. Here you'll find special announcements, product releases, blogs and more. You can also sign up for the free educational newsletter for free scrapbooking ideas. Don't forget to check the latest issue for special tutorials, coupons and offers.


Raise your scrapbooking IQ! Visit the University and get educated. We offer a number of different classes in different formats. You can learn everything from layout creation to scraproom organization. This is one of the fastest growing areas of!

My Place

Once you have a username and passwords, you will also have your own "My Place" at Your my place is your very own personal web site at Click here to go to your "My Place".

Your "My Place" is your own personal CUSTOMIZABLE website at Use it to manage your contributions (Layouts, Posts, Resources, and more) and to show them off to others around the world.

Here's a quick overview of what you can do at "My Place."

  • Mange your profile
  • View and upload layouts to your personal gallery
  • Manage and view your favorite threads
  • Mange your own personal library of resources
  • Send, receive, and view Private Topics (i.e. Private Messages)
  • Choose and change your Avatar (image associated with your username and personal photo).
  • Write and manage your own blog
  • Change the look and feel of your "My Place". Chose from loads of different designs.
  • Add and manage your "Friends"
  • MORE... Lot's MORE

Don't forget, EVERY user has their own "My Place". Click on usernames throughout the site and you'll be taken directly into their "Place."

About (Offices)

Our last stop on the tour is the Offices. This is the "business area" of If you have questions, concerns, comments, or if you're looking for additional information, this is the place to go. The Offices offers a wealth of information:

Thanks for taking the tour of The Center of the Scrapbooking World. We're glad you're here and hope you have a great time learning, scrapping, and sharing.

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