"Dear Santa I can Explain"

Dear Santa I can Explain

Dear Santa, I heard I was on your naughty list,
and I wasnít getting any presents this year.
You have to give me a second chance,
thereís something you need to hear.
If itís all about the gum in my brothers hair,
that was something I did on a dare.
If itís about my sisterís bike and flat tire,
to have her cry was not my desire.
I tried to fix her bicycle spokes and I
guess I slipped and the tire got poked.
And about coloring grandpaís false teeth in,
I just wanted him to have a special grin.
I was just keeping my ant farm warm in my parents bed,
I had no idea they would turn three shades of red.
And for adding the extra yeast to grandmaís bread dough,
How was I to know it would make it grow, and grow.
So as you see I was not trying to be mean or hateful
I was experimenting being playful.
So I hope you take in everything I have said,
and get the gist.
I need those presents,
take my off the naughty list.

Author: Shanty
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