"It's Tough to be a Teenager"

Itís tough to be a teenager, no one really knows
What the pressure is like in school, this is how it goes.

I wake up every morning, and stare into this face
I wanna be good lookiní, but I feel like a disgrace.

My friends they seem to like me, if I follow through with their dare,
But when I try to be myself, they never seem to care.

My mom, well she keeps saying, I gotta make the grade
While both my parents love me, it slowly seems to fade.

It seems like everyone I know is trying to be so cool
And every time I try, I end up just a fool.

Iíve thought about taking drugs, I really donít want to you know
But I just donít fit in, and itís really startiní to show.

Maybe if I could make the team, Iíll stand out in the crowd
If they could see how hard I try, I know they would be proud.

You see Iím still a virgin, my friends they canít find out
Cause if they really knew the truth, I know theyíd laugh and shout.

Sometimes I really get so low, I want to cash it in
My problems really arenít so bad, if I think of how lifeís been.

Sometimes Iím really lost, and wonder what to do
I wonder where to go, who can I talk to.

Itís tough to be a teenager, sometimes lifeís not fair
I wish I had somewhere to go, and someone to CARE.

Author: Tony Overman
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