"Can You?"

Can You?

Please forgive me for asking this of you, but I must.
Are you really different?
Can you prove to me that you’re real?
Can you show me that you’re true?
Will you be the one ,
to right all the wrong‘s?
Will you be there for me always?
Can you look behind these eyes, deep within my heart,
to where the deepest of the cuts reside,
and the truth is all too clear?
Can you see there the broken heart,
the broken trust, the broken spirit?
Can you see there the pain of a past ,
that hides behind this smile?
Can you see there the blackened eyes, the bloody noses,
the busted lips, the scars and bruises of past abuse?
Can you free this heart,
from the walls of protection built around it,
without constructing walls of your own to hold it ?
Can you promise to love, cherish, and protect it ?
Can you understand that even though I desperately want to,
I’m terrified to put my trust in you?

-Kathleen Journey-

Author: Kathleen Journey
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