"Life With and Without U"

when i couldn't remember what i was supposed to be doing
at that particular time of day,
i remembered you.

when i couldn't make up my mind about what
i should eat or wear,
i asked you in my mind.

when i lost my keys and couldn't find them, you weren't
here to help me but,
i called you anyway.

when i needed to cry or get mad and yell, even if it was
you i was mad at,
i still always sought you out...

when i heard some corny love song on the radio
and sang out loud,
i was singing to you.

when i needed to find peace and security and
the day's just been too long,
i find it in your eyes...

and when i can't sleep at night, i toss
and turn without you but
i dream of being in your arms.

Author: Shaunna Farral
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