"Never Realized!!"

When i look into ur eyes i've never realized how i'm feeling towards you, i promise you to see it in your eyes cause i can't keep up with loosing you, i've lost so much already, to make up for it all i'll let you loose me cause i can't keep crying nd hoping for you to come back, i'll only keep crying when i know i can't anymore.

i'm holding on to something that's nothing but a fantasy, the harder i try i just keep on messing up, but now that i know i'm not here anymore to say i'm sorry my life won't mean anything.

i'm just a lost soul confused in my own life, what do i want what do i need, i try and live this life i was given nd try to make the best of it, but i live n life full of lies and only i know why.

i live each day with a feeling of hatered, sadness nd dissapointment and i can understand why...

Author: Jennie Fourie
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