"Love At No Sight"

Can you fall in love with someone who you've never seen

And feel the warmth of that love?

Does anyone know what I mean

and know what I am speaking of?

We have spent many hours together

and we seem to know what the other one will say.

I feel as if I've known you forever

but, still, how can I feel this way?

I have never heard your voice

or, even the feel of your touch,

but with you, my heart had no choice-

'cause I truely love you that much.

I want to tell the world what I have found with you

And yes, it is possible to love someone this way,

And I know that what I feel is true,

'cause I think of you everyday.

So, we may be a world apart

but each day, that distance grows shorter,

You are already here in my heart

and our love has shown no border.

People can say what they want

But I don't have to listen,

I know what I have with you, as to where, they don't

And they really don't know what they are missing

Author: CindyLee
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