If Only

Submitted By: ChEl_08

If only I could tell you what my heart really feels for you ..

If only I could shout to the world how happy I am having you ..

If only you could be here with me every time I need you ..

If only we could be together every now and then ..

Having you in my life seems a blessing from up above ..

You fill the empty space i have in my life ..

You taught me how to smile and takes life's challenges ..

You taught me to go on, even nature tells me to stop ..

Sometimes I Wonder, why fate leads us to each other ..

Sometimes I could not stop asking why? ..

Why do I have to meet you? ..

And fall in love with you? ..

And now I'm so confused, could this be love? ..

I love you, not because your perfect or what ..

But I do love love you because of who you really are ..

I love simply who you are ..

And I will always do ..

If only I could tell you all of this ..

If only I could express everything I feel for you ..

If only I could say directly to you, how much I do love you ..

If only I could ..

If only ...

Author: Michelle Joy L. Columbres
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