"This is to all the people I have lost 30.04.2004 1.ooam"

This is to all the people I have lost 30.04.2004 1.ooam....

I need time to get you of mind now
And then I will need a friend till I get
Uts to you beening not here any more
Till then Iíll leaned on you as the hurt will
Go till I get uts of lost you did I need to
Run do I have to prover that I am here?
For you please donít tune away I hope
You understand no matter what you say
We will make it each day since you been
Away Iíve miss you and now I canít hold
You any more I love you so mach that
You had to go the tears still then when
I no it will take time

Author: angela gudgeon
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