"Nothing left to say but Goodbye"

i never regret that i fall for you
we can be still friends right
i never forget the moments i spend with you
i will always remember that before i sleep at night

the closeness we've shared together
i know you always do that to other
i don't know why I'm still hoping
but now i must end this cause you're just playing

the memories that we had
even if it is good or bad
i didn't regret everything I've done
because i know i did it to my special someone

i try to reminiscing the past
because that's all I've got and i hope it will last
i know you forget me so fast
and you don't have any feelings on me and even if there's something i know it just wont last

i know you will not recognize that once in your life i loved you
because i mean nothing to you
you know my love never ever die
and i think there's nothing left to say but GOODBYE....

Author: imyours
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