"The Love I Don't Feel"

A broken heart,

A razor blade,

A bloody wrist,

A problem that can't be fixed.

A girl with tears in her eyes,

A cabinet full of pills,

A drawer full of knife,

And something that may or may not change the world.

A blood drenched floor,

A bloody chest,

A young life,

And the hope of not returning in the end.

I know that you don't mean it.

I know that it wasn't supposed to happen,

I know that I am now dead,

And you live on without regret of my death.

I write this for you,

I write this to show you,

I write to only you,

Because it isn't you fault that I loved you,

And you never loved me to begin with.

Yes I know,

I am,


Author: Lisa Ballard
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