"Grandma's Christmas Stocking"

Grandma's Christmas Stocking
Hanging there upon the mantle
in this Christmas morning scene
is a bulging, velvet stocking
in its Christmas red and green
filled up tight to overflowing
with surprises from within
it hangs brightly in the dawning
as this Christmas day begins..
Other stockings gathered 'round it
in their holiday array
bring a festive little picture
of the kiddies in their play...
but I gaze in rapt attention
as the family gathers 'round
just to see what's in that stocking
there, that Grandma's quickly found...
Others hold the old familiar
toys and crayons, balls and glue
some round-nosed, safety scissors
and some candy filled with 'goo'
though I wouldn't be so nosey
I can't help the way I feel
"What would Santa leave my grammy
who's so straight-laced, firm and real?"
as her gnarled fingers tremble
first she pulls from off the top
a cozy pair of slip-proof, bright red
nubby slipper-socks
then a skein of crochet cotton
with one gleaming silver hook
and an angel-embossed bookmark
and a scented address-book
There are peppermints and bon-bons
and lifesavers, (butter-rum)
a tortoise comb, for helping in
the coiffure of her 'bun'
some sachet, scented lavendar
some 'lilacs' in a vial..
a tin of herbal sleepy-tea
a chunky, new nail-file
and last of all, but not the least
my eyes in surprise, glow
as I gaze in awe-filled wonder
at what's in that stocking toe...
It's a music-box with key that winds
it up to play the tune
that she and grandpa waltzed to
on their wedding honeymoon..
How'd Santa know just what to do
to make my gramma shine
on this early Christmas morning
at the age of ninety-nine.

Author: Nan Sexton
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