"The Scarecrow"

The Scarecrow

There you are, standing at your post this frosty autumn morn...

Your straw hat's just a bit askew, and your old shirt, slightly worn

Your gold straw-stuffing's peeking from your pant-legs and your sleeves.

Your pitchfork's tilted, leaning, standing in the autumn leaves.

Why, I recall when you were born...you stood there, fresh and new

Your straw hat wasn't faded, and your jeans...bright denim-blue

And all around, beneath your feet were vines and leaves galore

The summer sun, the sudden rains, have changed you...that's for sure...

But, Mr. Scarecrow, you're still part of this old farm, today

I've come to take you from your post..to carry you away...

You've done your job, you did it well, and now you'll have your rest

...upon thee porch, for harvest-time, you've done your very best...

We've got the cornstalks, tan and tall,...the pumpkins, they abound

Now you will be the focus in your autumn hand-me-downs

Come on along, we'll paint a smile...then take a stitch or two

Come Autumn winds, you'll find your place, and be as good as new

Author: Nan Sexton
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