"Greeting with Love From a Lonely Dog"

I wish someone would tell me what it is that I've done wrong.
Why do I have to stay chained up and be left alone so long?
they seemed so glad to have me when I came here as a pup.
There were so many things we'd do while I was growing up.
The Master said he'd train me as a companion and a friend.
The mistress said she'd never fear to be left alone again.
The children said they'd feed me and brush me every day.
They'd play with me and walk me if I would only stay.
But no the Master "Hasn't Time", the mistress says I shed.
She doesn't want me in the house not even to be fed.
The children never walk me they always say "NOT NOW."
I wish that I could please them won't someone tell me how?
All I had, you see, was love.
I wish they would explain why they said they wanted mine.
And then left it on a chain?

Author: Unknown
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