Deep in my heart I know there is a time,
For the two of us to share what I have only been able to dream
In my mind
Of a love so warm and so natural
Like the white lacy fingers of the waves sifting through the sand,
Their ruby rings glinting in the morning sunlight
I want to dance around feel the wind rush through me
The pain of it all to sting my legs,
So that I know that it is real

I want to feel the tinge of youíre eyes
As theirí wondering gaze catches my breath
Deep oceans of blue green with a pool of depth
So I feel giddy for only a second, and then to be brought back to earth
Back on the spinning top of connections
I am held for all eternity

You captivate me in this mystical dance
When I see you out there itís like nothing else matters
Youíre soul filters through mine in a powerful trance
Itís entwining slicing in half, painting rainbows of hope upon
An open chest and I feel no pain
I know that I have not lost you, this is just the beginning

Author: By Laila Champagne
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