A Dance Of Song

Submitted By: Champers14

A Dance of Song

The time of light soars down from the sky
The waves below tumble and collide,
Lacy fingers are reaching out to touch the golden sand with a handful of stars
The moon is the tide

The duns of the sand are a storage for secrets
With a thousand emerald trees locked together in a mystical dance
A flowing skirt of hopes and dreams is the captivation of the suns rays.
As pink morning is falling upon us like the scattering of a quilt
The misty clouds are rumples in the sheets torn apart by creativity
Simple threads of oranges, yellows and greys woven upon our eyes

I am sitting here in that place holding a thousand thoughts of my own
You’re soul is with me always, the journey of the past is complete
The two of us entwined together in the heart of a simple beat
My head is drawn towards the sky, a rush of wind gushes through me
Like a cold shiver rolling southbound down my spine

You are here.

Author: By Laila Champagne
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