Product Questions for Bazzill Basics - Bulk Cardstock Pack - Orange Peel Texture - 25 Sheets - 12 x 12 White

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Questions & Answers

  • Hi!
    I really want to know what is te weight (in number) of this cardstock.
    Thank you very much!   By: nodeseoesedon (08-Jan-15) Helpful Question?  Yes  |  No Thank you! Report Inappropriate This question has been reported. Thank you!
    • I don't the know the weight of the bazill op cardstock, but it is one of my most favorite cardstocks. and in many colors. it is lighter than the criss cross, textured or canvas and about the same weight as the smooth bazill cardstock. I would not use it for the actual card in card making, not for the base of a 3d project, but it is perfect for adding all those additional features and has a ripple (dimple) texture to it. By: russojk (10-Jan-15) Helpful Answer?  Yes  |  No Thank you! Report Inappropriate This Answer has been reported. Thank you!
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