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    just beatiful.

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    Collection Not a Bargain

    I love this paper collection and was very excited to finally get in the mail today. I had lots of difficulty however trying to figure out how many sheets were included in this set since the description on the package doesn't really say it clearly. Instead, it starts out counting full sheets and then reverts to counting elements on the pages, which isn't helpful at all. There are in fact 12 sheets of cardstock paper included. Four of those are double sided 12 x 12 sheets while the rest are also double sided but are designed to potentially be cut into the various sizes. Also included are the alphabet stickers, the element stickers and the transparencies. And although the transparencies are described as a "bonus" item, they are in fact something that costs extra when compared to individual sheets prices of this collection. If you really love transparencies (unfortunately, I don't) this package is the only way you can acquire this matching set if you do want them and might make the collection worth something to you.
    As for me, I still really love this whole collection and am happy with the pieces I have and do look forward to using them. However, if I'd known what I do now, I would have just bought them individually instead of in the package since I would gotten value for my money by not selecting some pieces and ordering duplicates of others. (I both love and hate those double pages sometimes).