This tip is how to post is links into a forum thread. It is from Megan's (Forum Tech) Blog at

You might have to copy and paste this URL into your browser -- I don't know if this area of SB.Com converts URLs to links. The link above includes pictures -- the pictures would not copy to this format.

One of the more frequently asked questions do I put a link to something in a message? Usually a gallery layout, but this method will work for any type of link.

While it's easy to do, it's not very easy to that button over there loses something in translation. :)

First, go to the layout that you'd like to have as a link. Highlight the URL in the address bar with your mouse.

Now, choose Edit, Copy from the menu.

This saves your URL to the clipboard.

Now, let's go to your message. If you're starting a new message, the tools will be right there. If you're replying to someone, please be sure to click on the Reply button....don't use the quick reply window at the bottom.

Click on the button that looks like a little world with a chain link over the top of it, and you'll be prompted to enter your URL. Press CTRL-V on the keyboard - hold the CTRL key, and press V at the same time. This will paste your URL into the field.

Now you'll be prompted for the Text For Link - this is the name of the link that will show up in your will be underlined, and when neighbors click on it, they'll be taken to your link.

When you click OK for the second time, you'll have some code in your message. While it may LOOK like gibberish, the boards know how to translate it into a usable option.