Punchie Ideas
* Chalk the edges of your punchies for 3D effect.
* Border your scrapbook pages and cards with punchies.
* Use glitter on punchies.
* Put punchies on tags.
* Turn larger punchies into tags.
* Make scenes and landscapes with punchies.
* Decorate or embellish punchies with fibers.
* Use jewels on (or with) punchies.
* Use eyelets on punchies.
* Frame pictures with punchies.
* Lacquer your punchies to make them "come alive".
* String punchies across the page with fiber.
* Decorate punchies with pens and/or pencils.
* Use punchies in shaker boxes.
* Use buttons for centers of flower punchies.
* Use punchies for or with titles for your pages.
* Use punchies in place of words when journaling.
* Layer Punchies for added color or dimension.
* Use pop dots for "lifting" punchies off the page.
* Use wire with punchies.
* Make art projects with punchies. For instance, draw or paper piece a Christmas tree
and use punchies for ornaments.
* Use small punchies of any shape to to make one large object of the same shape (small
planes to make one large plain).
* Use punchies for lettering. For instance, if your boy's name is Jacob, make a big J out of
little boy shapes.
* Use punchies to conceal adhesive for vellum.
* Put punchies in little vellum envelopes.
* Put vellum over punchies. For example, use blue vellum for water and fish punchies underneath.
* Use punchies for confetti on pages or in cards.
* Decorate tables with punchies for parties, holidays, or various events.
* Give punchies for favors at scrapbook events.
* Use punchies in collages.