Tips for Mixing Pattern Papers

*** Mix different size patters together - such as a one large pattern with a few smaller patterns.
*** Use consistent patterns with different colors - such as all stripes, all circles, etc.
*** Use patterns with similarities other than color - such as all geometric shapes - with one pattern being stripes, one being squares, one being circles, etc - or all plant themes - with a small floral print, a large floral print, a leafy print, etc
*** Use a solid piece of card stock to pull together several patterns using the same color. For example if you are using a floral pattern of yellow, blue and white, a striped pattern with blue, green, yellow & orange, and a pattern with green, blue and white - add some blue card stock to tie them all together.
*** Use patterns with subtle similarities - such as a striped pattern with thin black accent lines, a leaf pattern with black lines accenting the leaves, and a square pattern with thin black line accents.
*** Use patterns with the main colors within the same color family - for example a shaped pattern with orange background with a yellow background floral pattern.
*** To figure out what colors will go well together - look around! Restaurant menus, sales brochures, billboards, etc - are all designed to be pleasing to the eye by professionals; get inspiration from them. Another good place to look is in home decor magazines!
*** Try thinking of it as an outfit (for someone who will wear patterns)
*** Put all your patterns on your desk beside each other - take three steps back and squint. If something sticks out like a sore thumb - remove that pattern and look again.
*** If you have a pattern you want to use, but it doesn't quite match, try changing it - for example if you have a few patterns with a yellow base color and one page that goes well except for the bright white in it, use your chalks to change the white to yellow!
*** When using bright patterns, if you like them together, but something just isn't quite right - try "inking" the edges white. It will soften the colors and give it a more unified look.
*** Still having trouble? Try using texture patterns in different shades of one color instead - such as using three pieces - all different shades of blue & all different textures.
*** Stair step your color combos - For example -
- base paper with red, blue, purple & orange stripes
- next layer - circle pattern with red, purple & pink
- next layer a floral print with blue, green and orange
(notice the last 2 patterns do not have any color matches, but both match the base layer)
- final layer - or for accenting around these layers - use a striped pattern with red and orange to again tie the two previous layers together