Shaker Box Ideas!


Acetate: This is used to cover the opening in the front of your shaker to make a “window”. You can buy this at the LSS for lots of money or buy overhead projector sheets from an office store—they usually come in a box of 50 and you will probably only need to buy one box EVER! You can also use plastic bags, sheet protectors and such to cut up and use as the ”window”.

Paper: Always make sure you are using acid free paper if this is for your scrapbook. Make the paper that goes on the “top” of the shaker, or the front, of stiffer cardstock than you make the back—this will help it retain its shape in your book.

Foam: You can use foam core board or foam sheets. The foam sheets are acid free—the foam core board may or may not be. The foam core board is usually more than 1/16” thick and has paper on each side. You can buy it in the poster board section of any store. I like it because glue sticks to the paper easier and it allows use of bulky items for fillers, such as buttons. Foam sheets can be found in the children’s crafting area of the store. They may or not be adhesive backed. They are thin and you may have to layer them to make your shaker “deeper”.

Fillers: Glitter, Tiny Glass Marbles, beads, sand, buttons, rhinestones, alpha beads, washers, bells, confetti…you name it. If it can rattle, shake, or roll, you can fill a shaker with it.

Basic Assembly:

1. Figure out what shape you want to have on the “front” of your shaker. For the sake of keeping it simple, I am choosing a circle. Cut a circle 6” diameter out of your paper.
2. Then cut a 3”x3” square out of the center of the circle. This will be your shaker window.
3. Cut a piece of acetate 1” wider than the window, i.e. 4”x4” square. Attach this to the backside of the “front” using sailor glue pen. Let dry.
4. In the meantime you can cut out the “back” of your shaker. Cut the back to be ½” smaller than the front, i.e. 5.5” diameter circle. You can decorate the back with words, glue rhinestones to it, put in wire or bead words, or use papers to decorate it. Or you can leave it plain.
5. You can cut strips of foam or cut a single piece of foam to use to make the space for your fillers to fill. You can layer your foam (and foam core board comes in various thicknesses) to create a deeper or shallower space to fill. You will want deeper spaces for rhinestones and large beads, and shallower space for glitter, tiny glass marbles, and sand. For this project, you will cut concentric circles of 5.25”diameter and 4.75”diameter (i.e make a donut with outside circle 5.25” and inside circle 4.75”). You could also make a 4.25” square from the foam as well in the same manner since the shape of your window is a square.
6. Glue strips or donut to the background paper, centering your words or decoration if any. Then place your fillers in the little well that is formed.
7. Put line of sailor glue along top of foam “wall”. Set your “front” on that and wiggle to center. Let dry. And you have a shaker!
Variations: Apple Shaker made from torn paper on front with alpha beads as shaker materials. No background in shaker.

HOPE shaker with paper stars, star brads, and several rhinestones glued to background along with wire and alpha bead word “hope”. Then beads and rhinestones were used as fillers.
PEACE shaker with die-cut holly leaf and wire and alpha bead word “peace” on background. Beads used as fillers.

ON top of page: Jack-O-Lantern Shaker. This has wiggle eyes glued to the background paper and the word “Spooky” written on the background paper inside the mouth. Papers used were midnight CS for the back, Orange Plaid for the front and Gold Dust Script for the Stem. I used a piece of twistel for the vine. Fillers were black and orange sead beads