Post-it Note Holder
Design by Jennifer Nevarez
 3”x5” or 4”x6” acrylic frame
 4”x6” piece of paper
 3.5”x3.5” piece of paper for Post-it “mat”
 18” piece of coordinating ribbon or fiber
 key tag or other tag less than 3”in diameter
 Flat accent pieces such as flat stickers, die-cuts, flat brads or eyelets, metal letters and words.
 Marker or alphabet stamps (with ink)
 3” square post-it notes

 Treat your pieces of paper with chalk, rubberstamp ink, walnut ink, or other antiquing medium for desired effect.
 Decorate the 4”x6” piece of paper with your accent pieces—the flatter, the better. If the accent piece is too bulky, it will be difficult to insert the paper into the frame.
 Attach the 3.5”x3.5” post-it mat ¼” from 3 of the sides and 2 ¼” from the 4th side. You can have the mat towards the left of the 4x6 paper or to the right, depending on which side of the frame you would like your post-it notes mounted.
 On the back of the paper, write or stamp a message to let your gift recipient know the item was handmade by you.
 Insert the paper into the acrylic frame. If you have brads or other items that are not completely flat as embellishments, gently pull the acrylic frame back to separate the pieces of the frame to make insertion easier.
 On your tag, antique the edges or add any accents you wish. Stamp or write the name of the recipient on the tag.
 Gently pull up the back of the acrylic frame to thread your ribbon/fiber through.
 Tie the edges of the fiber/ribbon around the front end of the frame, threading on your tag so that the bow you tie will secure it in place.
 Attach your post-it notes to the front of the frame, centered on the mat. Peel off the brown backing to expose the adhesive to attach the post-it note.
 Your gift is ready to give!