Accordion Books as Party Favors

Each kid gets a book that the hostess has pre-assembled. Have a variety of mini or wallet sized pictures pre-printed for kids to select from—each kid will need 6 pictures. Also print the names of the children in the picture so they can cut out the names of each of the Friends. Also Print a Friends title for each child.

Each kid then attaches one picture of a friend to the page along with the friend’s name. Then they decorate with stickers buttons, and so on. Attach “friends” title to the cover and tie to close.

To assemble the books:

1. Cut 3” wide strips from 2 different complimentary colored 12x12 sheets of paper. 2 Sheets of 12x12 make 4 books.
2. Attach the coordinating strips back to back with glue stick.
3. Fold the edges of the long strip into the center with bone folder. (the outside 3” long edges should meet in the center)
4. Fold this back so that the folded edges meet on the center on the other side of the book.
5. The book should look like an accordion.
6. Cut a 12” piece of coordinating ribbon.
7. Attach center of ribbon to the “back” of the book using rivets or glue.
8. Fold book, Tie ribbon around center and the book is complete.