I have a lot of ribbon on spools. The sspoolssit in drawers and I can't remember what I have and then I end up not using it. We ran into one of the big bath and housewares stores to get some other home items one day and saw some cafe rods for about $2 each. I bought three that expand up to 36". Then we went to Ikea and bought some curtain rod brackets that extend about 3-4" from the wall. I extended the cafe rods to about 24" for stability. Then I threaded on my rolls of ribbon. I set the rod on top of the brackets, without tightening the screws on the brackets. This way I can take rolls off or add new rolls easily, if I have to. I really like this solution because my ribbon is right where I can see it so I use it. Also, it seems to stay a lot neater than when it is rolling around in a drawer. Three rods for holding ribbon plus brackets was under $20 and they hold about 45-50 rolls of ribbon.