10). When you children run from you when they see you with the camera.
9). When your husband asks "Will you work on my book while you're out at the crop?"
8). When you recreate songs for scrappers.
7). When you exchange name ,numbers, and e-mail address with a store associate.
6). When you are in online scrap groups
5).When you are searching the aisles at Micheal's and Joannes because you have a coupon and feel it is wasteful not to use it.
4).When you plan vacations or getaways to go crop.
3). When you drive 52 miles to another city for some Prima Flowers because no one else carries them yet.
2). Your husband is clueless to the amount of money you spend on your habbit opps, I mean hobby.
1). When you spend $50 dollars in a scrapbook store and then put $10 in your gas tank.