 12 x12 patterned paper, 2 different pieces
 12x12 Cardstock, 4 pieces, more as needed
 Various Ribbon
 Ribbon Charm or swirl paper clip
 Embellishments or stickers
 Xyron or Mono Adhesive
 Sizzix or QuicKutz tab die
 Provo Craft blank lunchbox tin
1. Cut two 4.25” x 12” strips from the 12x12 patterned paper
2. Adhere one strip to the backside of the box, wrapping around the sides using Xyron or Mono Adhesive.
3. Position other strip across the front of the tin so that the two sides overlap the paper you wrapped around the back. Using your fingernail, trace or score the outline of the latch on the front of the can.
4. Use sharp scissors to cut out the score area around the latch.
5. Adhere the strip to the front side of the box, wrapping around the sides using Xyron or Mono Adhesive.
6. Cut one 4”x7” piece of another patterned paper. Then cut that piece into two 2x7” pieces of paper, making sure to keep track where the “middle” of the cut is. Round the corners.
7. Using the template, cut out a spot for the handles on each piece, aligning the template edge with the “middle” of the pieces. You can also trace around the handles similarly to how the latched was traced. Cut out excess paper.
8. Adhere the pieces to the top of the can lid, leaving the edges loose but with adhesive applied to them.
9. Trim some of the excess paper hanging over the edges of the lid. Then press the edges down against the lip of the can lid. It is okay if this is not very pretty—you will cover it with ribbon.
10. Cut a 12” piece of ribbon, trimming the edges so they are diagonal and facing the same way. Run it through the Xyron.
11. Starting at one edge of the latch on the lip pf the lid, run the ribbon along the lip and wrap around to the other side of the latch.
12. Cut a piece of patterned paper slightly larger than 4.25”x7”. Round the edges with a corner rounder.
13. Try to fit the paper into the inside of the lid. You may need to trim it down and re-round the corners. Adhere with Xyron or Mono Adhesive to the inside of the lid.
14. Cut the cardstock into 4”x6” or slightly larger than 6” pieces. These will be the dividers in your recipe box. Cut as many as you would like.
15. Using a QuicKutz or Sizzix, cut a tab for each divider. Adhere to the tab with Xyron or Mono Adhesive.
16. Cut strips of various ribbon and fabric in 4-6” lengths. Tie randomly to cover handle of tin.
17. Cut two 15” strips of ribbon. Wrap around tin and tie around ribbon charm or spiral paper clip.
18. Decorate rest of tin with stickers and other embellishments.