Developed by Jennifer Priest.

Description I have used at crops and expos: “Learn to use your scraps to “scrap”! We will create your choice of an apple or heart to embellish your page using scrap paper, magic mesh, fibers, wire, twine, and more! Sample our unique line of paper and embellishments while creating a whimsical element for use on any layout! And this Make and Take is FREE!”

Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes
Purpose: Allow customers to feel and use the product first hand, show them a fun technique.
Prep Time: 1 minute per 30 customers.
Estimated Cost: $0.50 per person. (Figuring you get 16 diecuts per 12x12 page plus use whatever scraps you have on hand—which are FREE in a sense)

Supplies: Scraps of your line of paper and 3D embellishments left over from your usual classes and personal scrapping. Save the following colors: Red, pink, white, black, gray, purple, green, brown, beige, silver, copper, and gold. Save the following types: embossed, embroidered, vellum, kraft, textured, mulberry. Buy several glue sticks—about one glue stick per 15-20 people you expect. You can also have magic mesh, page pebbles, eyelets… Chalk palette optional.

Preparation: Make diecuts of hearts and apples, about 2-3” in diameter, using ANY CARDSTOCK—the students will be completely covering this surface. It must be cardstock otherwise it will be flimsy. You should have one diecut per person. Collect scraps in a plastic shoebox or small tub so students can easily dig through the tub without a lot of stuff falling out the sides. If you save your scraps already then you are halfway there! You can keep extra scrap in a Ziploc under the table in case your tub is too small to hold it all.

Theoretically, it runs this way: Students select a heart or apple shape diecut. They select scraps of their color choice from the bin and glue these to completely cover the front of the diecut. Turn the diecut over and trim any excess scraps hanging over the edge of the shape. Embellish with wire, a bow, or torn leaf and stem for apple. Done.