1)your favorite color and where you find it in the world
2)now and then
3)quotes, sayings, thoughts, poems
4)what makes you happy?/favorite things
5)your favorite book
6)your clothing/personal style
7)how you spend your day usually
8)A-Z about you (a letter for each adjective describing you)
9)what would you do if you won a million dollars?
10)your collections
11)the things you want to do before you die
12)one song that describes your life and why
13)why do you scrapbook
14)what are you afraid of?/fears and phobias
15)what animal best represents you and why
16)what color best represents you and why
17)5 things you use every day/5 things you can't live without
18)favorite day of the week and why
19)your talents
20)the sights you see while taking a walk/run
21)how you've changed since you were a kid (what's different? what's the same?)
22)showcase your team spirit for a favorite sports team
23)how do you take your coffee, eggs, steak, etc.
24)what your day at school/work is like
25)where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years
26)your hero(s)
27)your circle of friends
28)each letter of your name is an adjective describing you
29)what are you obsessed with?
30)words you and your friends use a lot or have made up
31)sitting at home with your significant other, watching a movie and enjoying popcorn
32)your house (the rooms, the outside, etc)
33)a weekly ritual you do
34)capture the beauty of each individual season
35)the decades you have lived in and what they were like (what did you dress like? etc)
36)a lesson/the lessons you have learned so far in life
37)neat items in your jewelry box
38)what do you enjoy doing when you're alone?
39)your nicknames, what they mean, and who calls you by them
40)your goals
41)your car and how you make it look unique
42)cool/unique items of clothing in your closet
43)bad habits you want to get rid of
44)your best friend and why you love him/her
45)you and your siblings
46)write your love story
47)how you feel about nature
48)your beliefs (religious, political, etc)
49)your tattoos and piercings
50)your favorite scents (and where you find them)
51)favorite celebrities and what you like about them
52)a funny joke/inside joke
53)pet peeves
54)what you do/did on a rainy day
55)your physical features and which parent/grandparent you got each feature from
56)a shopping trip/what you love to shop for
57)your favorite nick-knacks
58)best thing about being the age you are
59)preparing/cooking a meal
60)self portrait (take pictures of various body parts- feet, hands, etc- and describe why they are unique)
61)your zodiac sign
62)things that bring you luck (trinkets, numbers, etc)
63)highlight events that happen in each month
64)the view outside your window
65)a magic trick you or your friend knows
66)your political party/thoughts on the election
67)an award you won
68)your neighbors
69)your heritage
70)your family members and what each of them is currently involved with/doing in their lives
71)a few examples of you wearing a color that you usually wear
72)your favorite childhood toy/what is it that comforts you now?
73)the little things that cheer you up/make you smile when you are sad
74)your quarks/personality (how do other people see you? then contrast with how you see yourself)
75)where you live (how long have you lived there? if you grew up there, what was it like? how has it changed? what's it like compared to other places? what do other people think about it? etc)