**Feel free to ask questions since I am remembering a 4-H project that I did 15 years ago**

What you will need:
Quilt Batting
Hot Glue Gun (Spray Adhesive would work nicely)
Bristol Board
Scissors or Straight Edge

**Choose a fabric that you love, but remember that fabrics with a linear pattern may give grief when adhering the fabric to the binder**

1) Cut Bristol board to fit the inside cover of your binder. This will make the inside look more finished.
2) Wrap the Bristol board in fabric & set aside.
3) Measure out the quilt batting. You want this to fit right to the edge of the binder. When the binder is closed, you will need more quilt batting; remember to close the binder to allow for that.
4) Lay a bead of hot glue of the outer edge of the front cover. Start at in the middle & work you way to the top & bottom. If you are using a thick quilt batting, you may want to use some hot glue on the spine. Repeat the same steps with the back the binder.
5) Lay out your fabric & measure the same way that you did for the quilt batting. You want to leave 1 or so of excess fabric around the perimeter to wrap in to the inside of the binder.
6) Adhere the fabric starting in the middle of the front cover. Pull the fabric up inside the front cover & stick with a dot of glue. Then move to the back cover in the middle. This will help to balance the pattern. Keep working opposite sides of the binder until you have wrapped it entirely.
7) If there is too much excess, feel free to trim it back. Just make sure that your Bristol board panels that you made in the first step can cover all the edges of the fabric.
8) You may also want to a lay a small strip of fabric by the rings (tucking under the rings with a butter knife) to fill in the bend of the covers. This is not necessary if you choose a binder that is a similar color to your fabric.
9) Once you are satisfied with your tacking job on the fabric, glue the Bristol board panel in place.

**For an added touch, you can make a coordinating photo frame for your front cover.

1) Draw your frame shape on the Bristol board & cut out.
2) If you would like it padded, cut the quilt batting to fit your pattern.
3) Cut fabric slightly larger than you shape to wrap the frame.
4) Again, work across from each point. IE: left side to right side, top to bottom
5) Once your shape is wrapped, adhere to the front cover. You will only need to glue down 3 sides to allow for insertion of the photo. Take into consideration how you want you photo frame to load.