how many times have you gotten frustrated over having scrapbooking paper where something was off in the color right when you are all set to scrap? this happened to me yesterday for the thousandth time when i remembered some inexpensive ink pad's i got at a craft store. (even cheaper since they were $1.99 and 40% off to boot! :) ) i inked the edges all the way around the paper with a base of hot pink and then again in a few random egdes with purple...volia! the pastel pink paper i started with no longer looked so plain and had a nice pink and purple water color look to it. (i used a light hand on this one; in another layout i did it heavier and it came out with a cute tie-dye effect.) so, if your paper coloring is not quite right, add some ink around the edges (i used an unused makeup sponge for a cheap application tool.) to give you a nice standout page for less.