I'm addicted to scrapbooking!
In addition to my full-time job and part-time jewelry business, I also have several other hobbies including scrapbooking. So I am always looking for the FASTEST and EASIEST ways to do anything and everything.

For scrapbooking, I took the envelope organizing strategy 1 step further. I use clear, acid-free, archival quality envelopes from THE CONTAINER STORE to sort and organize photos. Envelopes come in various sizes, and you get 20-25 in a package. Then I use WRITE-ONCE labels, also from THE CONTAINER STORE. You can write on these labels with pen or permanent marker and they are ERASABLE!, So after you've scrapped the photos in the envelope, you just erase the label and fill them with new photos. Don't you just love modern technology?!

Next I store the labeled envelopes in a small accordion folder with tabs from THE CONTAINER STORE. I also use the write Once labels on these tabs. accordion folders are in the office supply section - used to hold bills.
I take this accordion folder with me to crops or wherever I go. Included in my bag are a corner rounder, personal trimmer and decorative edge scissors. I crop all the photos before I select paper, stickers or embellishments,etc.

After all the photos are cropped and sorted, I select the envelopes I want to work on next. I put the envelope of photos into a 12" x 12" page protector, then go shopping for paper, borders stickers embellishments, adhesives and pens in my home scrapbook studio. ' I choose a background paper, matching and coordinating title borders and mats, theme stickers and alphabet stickers appropriate for the page layout. I do this fore several layouts, so that in one hour I end up with multiple page protectors with all of the materials for multiple Page kits.

I take a few of my page kits to each crop. Sometimes I take my album with me, as well. But not always - if I really want to travel light I just take my page kits and my tool box (from you guessed it! THE CONTAINER STORE). Once I get to the crop, I take out all the materials from one page kit and temporarily layout the page. I also crop the borders and cut the mats. I like to use ovals and circles for photos and mats, but when I'm really short on time I just use the rectangle.

When I'm satisfied with the layout, I'll tape everything down with re-positionable tape (3M), and start making drafts of my journal writing. .

These methods help me to organize my Page to get a lot accomplished whenever I attend a crop, or just use the worktables during the week at ARCHIVERS.

Saving time by organizing also gives me more time to coordinate a scrapbooking crops every month where I work!

I hope someone out there can learn from my experiences.