Now you've discovered this amazing hobby of scrapbooking. You start surfing the web and for any and all info you can find, tips, ideas, layouts, how to do. and think I want to try that. Then the moment comes to actually implement the idea and you can't remember the website where the idea or tip came from and you feel like kicking yourself. So to prevent that, start a notebook with dividers. When you see something you want to remember, print it and put it directly into your book. If your notebook is well organized, you will be much more efficient. Here are a few sections that I have in my book to get you started:

Sect. 1 MAIL ORDERS - this would be print outs of any and all things that you order by mail for easy tracking.

Sect. 2 ORGANIZING - this is where you keep storage and scrap room set up ideas

Sect. 3 HOW T0 IDEAS - is is for keeping instructions on how to do paper piecing, making shaker boxes, chalking and inking, etc.

Sect. 4 PATTERNS AND TEMPLATES - this is for paper piecing patterns, envelope templates and the like.

Sect. 5 WAYS TO USE - in this section I keep printouts such as 40 ways to use a brayer, 50 ways to use fiber, etc.

Sect. 6 SKETCHES - one of our members does wonderful sketches for layouts and I also draw up my own ideas for future use

Sect. 7 POEMS, QUOTES, ETC. - keep phrases, poems and other things like B.O.M (Book of Me) questions in this section.

Sect. 8 MISC. - I use this section to list my favorite web site addresses for Fonts , web sites, etc. (you never know if your computer takes a dump and you loose them all from your favorites). And any other things I think I may need in the future.

Hope this helps you! And remember, staying organized is the key to successful scrapping.