When I first started scrapbooking I would just take any color in a picture and use it as a matting. But matting is almost as important as the actual layout. Choosing a matting that best fits the Patterned Paper and photo can be easy and fun. The first step is selecting your pictures and Patterned Paper (if you use it). Next, figure out what color in the photo would look good if it is enhanced. Perhaps you are using a picture of outdoors by a lake. A nice blue matting would bring out the lake in the photo. Usually a small matting around the photo looks best and can even be inked (using a cotton ball and ink pad). Sometimes double matting can be equally important. Is there another, possibly darker color that would look good being enhanced. Sometimes it could be black or another color which is in the photo. Double matting can be a little tricky, but just make sure it matches the Patterned Paper if you use it. Also, it is extremely important to use a straight cutter to cut the matting, as a jagged border or an angle other than 90 degrees won't look right. In addition, keep in mind triple matting can leave a professional and neat effect. Just make sure that the matting you use doesn't clash with each other. Happy matting!
Pam Callaghan