Ok, so I guess by now everyone has seen the Petals from Pink Paislee, they are adorable and you can actually make items very similar yourself if you want! It is actually easy, and finally a great way to use the leftover felt and fabric strips (I just can never throw them out!!).

I took a few strips of felt, in different colors, length about2-3 inches (Vary the lenght for effect), width maybe half and inch, layered it over cardstock (adhesive on card stock, then attach to felt) this makes it easier to cut with either regular scissors, or even some pattern scissors (careful some do snag).

Cut your strips, making sure every other is about 1/2 inch taller than the other (petals (strips) should go _-_-_ up down. Arrange them in the shape of your flower, maybe about 8-10 petals (strips) depending on what you like (if you want a fuller flower, add more, smaller add less). At the middle base, put small adhesive amount as you go, this will lightly hold it in place for what's next.

Now you can either machine stitch, or if working by hand, just some small stitches in the middle to join all petal (strips) at their base, then sew on your button in the middle. For the stem, simply the same strips, just one long vertical and two little 1 inches (or more, it's up to you!) and shape it like a stem, I don't use leaves for these yet, does not fit the look for me. Another variation for the petals on the flower, you can adhere ric-rac ribbon (or most of your choice) down the middle of each flowerpetal, creates a great cute look!