 Buy a huge tackle box at Wal-Mart for $20 to carry all of your embellishments.
 Buy a compass (like you used in H.S. math)-I've found all kinds of uses for it!
 Make your own embossing fluid: 1 part glycerin mixed with 2 parts water
 Use markers as paint. Scribble on plastic lid and add water.
 Alum foil: 3 layers glued together, stamp, on a mouse pad use emobosser to trace
 Key chains from shrinky dinks
 Sew vellum onto regular paper. Use as envelope or tag holder.
 Create red-rope type fastener by using a brad or eyelet thru a circle of cardstock. Attach to paper and wrap string around.
 Make cupcakes for birthday cards: corrugate "paper cups", add icing with cloud punch, glue stick, glitter on icing, add candle.
 Make a stencil using punches. Use this or other stencils to paint glue, then apply beads or glitter.
 Use clear nail polish on the sides and around the wooden part of the rubber image of my stamp so that ink just wipes right off
 Glue stick slices for adhering ribbon and bows
 Ink only the edges, or stick a post it to part of the stamp, esp on square one to make a 'frame'. Stamp inside frame.
 Use spray bottle to mist stamp after coloring w/Marvy markers
 Cleaning: alcohol baby wipes
 Spray chalked cards with hair spray
 Use water colors to make stripes, then use hair pick to run in opposite way to make fausx marbeling
 Clean scissors with wd40, baby oil or goo gone
 Nail clipper to remove button shanks
 Don't have the colour ink pad you want? Smear some acrylic paint on a pad of paper towel and ink your stamp with this. Immediate clean up is essential
 Save the discarded rubber (complete with the foam backing attached, cut them in random geometric shapes and glue them in a random pattern on a jar lid or on the bottom of any surface in a mosaic pattern.
 Make a quick and easy rubber stamp for backgrounds and borders by putting rubberbands of different widths around a wooden block.
 Cheapskate fibers: Visit the local thrift store and buy sweaters with fantastic yarns! Take them home and rip them apart while you - watch TV?? I've found tons of nubby, boucle and chenille at less than $2 per sweater.
 A great way to add glitter to cards is to use the glitter nail polishes that are so popular. You can even get these at the dollar store or Wal-Mart in tiny bottles.
 Stamping words with glue/glitter: Use a sponge/brush to brush glue over a word stamp, stamp on your paper and then pour glitter on. Clean brush and stamp immediately!
 I have mounted a painting pad (the bristle type) on top of my travel baby wipes container with double stick tape, after I snapped off the curved ends of the pad. When it is time to clean my stamps I open the lid and dab my stamp on the wet wipes then close the lid and scrub it clean.