Dasher Collection
Ruby Slippers Grenadine hillary Dark Olive
Pear Lakeshore Waterfall Jet Stream Powder Blue

Fruitcake Collection
Cottonwood Sugar Cookie Buttercup Vineyard Crimson
Pomegranate parakeet Grove Canteen Blue Spruce

Blush Collection -
Battenberg Tickled Pink Dark Tangerine Maraschino
Ruby Slipper Dragonfly Aqua Julep Java Pinecone

Gypsy / Romani - Lava, Festive, Patina, (Dbug)Dream, (KI)Cotton Candy, Lemon Lime, (Dbug)Pumpkin Seed, Turquoise Mist, Lavender Twilight

LilyKate - Cherry Vanilla, Lemonade, Parakeet, Purple Palisades, Splash, (KI) Espresso, Pinkini, Bamboo, Cool Heather

Urban Couture - Mocha Divine, Firehearts, Raindrop, & Green Tea.

Oh Baby Girl - Apricot, Squash, Dk. Rosey & Heather

Oh Baby Boy - Apricot, Squash, Sparrow & Grass Green.

Hang 10 - Dark Denim, Pickle, Yam & Hershey

Color Me Silly - Limeade, Butterfly, True Teal & Candy Apple.

and here are some older lines and the CBX colors too:

Basic Grey

Black Tie - scout, camouflage, chloe, dusk, mystique, dark butter, whirlpool, tropical rain, lilac mist and stonehedge

Lollipop Shoppe -lavenderr twilight, dandelion, chablis, red hot, true teal, pistachio, green tea, teal, raindrop, maraschino

Vagabond - night mist, sapphire, buttercup, honeycomb, fern, dark taupe, yukon gold, curry spice, windy, leapfrog

Phresh & Phunky - cucumber, light house, mauve ice, waterfall, celery, fern, jacaranda, ivy, petunia, stonewash

Sublime - java, lakeshore, light rosey, brick road, leapfrog, ruby red, grenadine, sea salt, pinenut, bon bon

Motifica - haley, _mocha, celery, java, sea spray, witch hazel, missy, barkley, forest, nordic

Sophie - dark black, purple sage, pinata, lemonade, dark tangerine, chablis, daisy, Cotton candy, light tangerine, lipstick

Dawson - dark sky, glacier, lemonade, light black, dark tangerine, hazard, tapioca, splash, skylar, dark black

Jack - dark sky, light sky, dark spruce, light spruce, light butter, kevin, spring breeze, french vanilla, lemonade, aloe vera

Alyssa - aloe vera, pear, dark rosy, dawn, light butter, piglet, pinkini, honeydew, cotton candy, light tangerine, lipstick

Lucky -- Rose, Dandelion, Hot Pink, Watermelon, Guacamole, Macintosh, Pomegrenate, Starlight, Pearberry, Concord.

Fusion -- Burnt Ember, Orange Crush, Cocoa Butter, Gumbo, Strawberry, Piglet, Canteen, Pansy, Mardigras, Wild Pansy

Skate Shoppe- Artesian Pool, Pistachio, Fern, Limeade, Turquoise Mist, _Mocha Divine, Icy Blue, Starlight, Sea Breeze/OP, Dark Chocolate

Blitzen -- Ruby slippers, Grenadine, Hillary, Dark Olive, Pear, Lakeshore, Waterfall, JetStream, Powder Blue, Avalanche


Cabin Collection Fawn/Olive/ Burgundy

Den Collection Fawn/Olive/Taupe/ Denim

Powder Room Collection Violet/Tangerine/ Rosy

Reading Room Collection Scarlet/Spruce/ Taupe

Rec Room Collection Scarlet/Butter/ Denim

Sitting Room Collection Cream/Taupe/ Fawn

Billiard Room Collection Burgundy/Denim/Olive/Fawn

Sun Room Collection Scarlet/Denim/Tangerine/Butter

Parlor Collection Violet/Olive/Sand

Gallery Collection Dark Chocolate/Chocolate/Black/White

Cottage Collection Sky Blue/Rosey/Butter/Spruce

Great Room Collection Scarlet/Butter/Chocolate/Olive

Wild Asparagus

Happy Days - Bamboo, Splash, Celery, Sapphire, Lily Pad

Spring - Champagne, Bamboo, Peach, Lily Pad, Yam

Summer Days - Hurricane, Tanner, Haley, Champagne, Thunder

Mom & Me - Canvas, Sprout, Reed, Adobe, Haley

Friends - Vanilla, Moss, Hazel, Cameo, Rosey

Pretty Little Girl - Champagne, Petalsoft, Tanner, Haley, Blossom

Charmed Life - Sprout, Blossom, Moss, Marachino, Canvas

Dad & Me - Vanilla, Hopi, Hurricane, Walnut, Pickle

Happy Birthday - Vanilla, Rosey, Sprout, Java, Moss

Boy Oh Boy - Vanilla, Powder Blue, Champagne, Splash, Tanner